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Another mile stone

Dear members of Speedy3DCreations.

It has been quite sometime since my last blog post and I think it's time to write another one as we gear up and move into the next phase.

For my dear friends and customers that have been with us since the beginning. We started as a company selling coffee beans imported from our dear partner in Italy, the Caffe Martella Roma and it is very well received.

We moved on to take the dealership for many Italian espresso machine and coffee grinder makers such as the Quick Mill, VBM abd Fiorenzato. We have also managed to clinch the dealership for a Spanish brand, the Ascaso.

During the last two and half years, from parallel importing Breville machines to becoming the official dealers of Italian and Spanish brands have been unreal to us and it seems quite impossible at that time and we managed to make it a reality.

Of course, we couldn't have acheive this without your support. The real turning point of our company really started from the sales of the Chinese single dose coffee grinder, the DF64. Not only it boosted our sales and also make our YouTube Channel slightly more popular and at least when people in Singapore look for DF64, they will know more about the grinder and more information.

In the last few months, we have also managed to clinch the dealership for the coffee accessories company, the MHW-3BOMBER from China. We are honored to partner with 3bomber because their products are really fantastic, superbly finished and excellent quality, one of the best out there among so many accessories makers out there in the market.

Our own speciality grade coffee beans roasted in house has also picked up really well, especially our Yunnan Red Wine Series coffee beans and among the rest of beans from the Yunnan region. Now we have confident to push the sales of our own roasted beans, knowing that the quality of the roast is maintained and controlled.

We have also got a shop front in the industrial area of Eunos and if you are interested to pay us a visit, we welcome you and will be glad to serve you out in house coffee.

Moving to the next phase, we have started another company, focusing on commercial roasting and cafe and its a really exciting journey and I cannot wait to finalize the location of our cafe/shop. We will provide mote update as we progress and I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone of you, customers and friends who have supported us in this journey to make better coffee and experience for everyone that we have met and encountered. We look forward to gain more support from you and once our cafe is opened, we will invite all of you to come by and enjoy coffee with us!

This is CY and on behalf of Speedy3DCreations, we thank you!

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