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Passing 2021 and stepping into 2022

Dear friends, customers and coffee lovers alike,

This is a greeting from me, CY, to all of you in a brand new year in 2022.

It has been an exciting year in 2021 and we have make quite a bit of progress in this year.

In year 2021, we have make a few significant milestones.

  1. Sales of the DF64 Single dose grinder has launched our youtube channel and from 3000 subscribers at the start of year 2021, we have managed to hit 5000 subscribers in December 2021. We are very happy about the progress (even though its a small one but definitely an exciting one).

  2. Getting dealership from a few more espresso machines maker such as VBM (Italy), Milesto (China), Lelit Italy(we are the reseller at the moment but definitely going to negotiate with Lelit Italy to see if making us as the authorised dealer possible), Ascaso Barcelona Spain, Barsetto (China). Currently we are still the only authorised dealer for Quick Mill (Italy) and Ascaso (Spain).

  3. We have also started to push out our coffee beans roaster by myself. As a micro roastary, we only roast coffee on demands and our Yunnan Red Wine Series has been a great hit among local Singaporeans as well as overseas (even though the shipping delay is a serious problem nowadays and as such, as much as we would like to ship overseas, there will be significant delay expected). Yunnan coffee beans is our main coffee beans to offer and of course we also offer other speciality (auction grade) coffee beans from Colombia, Costa Rica, etc.

  4. We have also joined the Singapore Coffee Association and do sampling roaster for SCA.

  5. Most exciting part of 2021 is that finally, we have moved from a home-based business to officially a local SME and move out from my home office. We are now located in 72 Eunos Avenue 7 #04-07C, Singapore 409570. This is our showroom where we will show case all the machines that we have and friends and customers are welcome to visit our showroom. At the moment, we will only accept visit by appointment only due to COVID-19.

We are really looking to do better and serve you better with better coffee machines and coffee beans, tools and modifications.

We will be trying to do a quarterly post (more regularly if time permits) to share with all our friends and customers about our progress and update.

Wishing you a happy 2022 and looking forward to meet you in our showroom soon.

Stay safe and peace out!

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