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Chemax style Glass Pot and Coffee scale & Beans Combo

Chemax style Glass Pot and Coffee scale & Beans Combo

SKU: Chemax_Scale_maxground

To make coffee the V60 style, you will need a few things and of course the most important thing is none other than our freshly grounded coffee. And of course other than the coffee, you will need a few things, a glass pot, a filter funnel, filter paper, weighing scale with timer, etc.


Other than the famouse V60 style, there is also a Chemax style.


Why buy the chemax style?

  • The filter funnel and the pot is in one piece, unlike the Hario V60 set that comes with a pot and a seperate funnel (there is nothing wrong with the Hario V60 of course, it is just 1 piece versus 2 pieces)
  • Our chemax style pot has a volume of about 500ml (marked 400ml) and is good enough for 2 cups of coffee (anout 220ml per cup).
  • Our chemax comes with a food grade stainless steel fine wire mesh filter that can be re-used. That means that you can stop buying the filter paper and do your part in saving the earth.
  • The neck of the chemax is wrapped with a heat resistance silicon which allow you to hold the glass pot while pouring the hot coffee without scorching yourself. The silicon can become hot to touch but will not be burning hot. Please handle with care.
  • The glass pot cannot be used in a microwave oven or over the stove for direct heating.  


What we offer is:


  1. 1 pack of 225 grams of Maximum/Mirus/Classic Class GROUNDED coffee which is only grounded when the order is placed.
  2. 400ml Chemax Glass Pot with re-usable stainless steel wire mesh filter
  3. A digital coffee weighing scale with build-in timer that can read up to 0.1 grams.
  4. Free delivery in 1 to 3 working days.


How to make chemax style coffee?


  1. Boil water (about 95 degress celsius) in a kettle.
  2. Pour hot water over thge chemax glass pot with filter on (please do not put the coffee ground first)
  3. Pour the hot water that is used to heat up the chemax glass pot into coffee cup. In this way, you will warm up the chemax glass pot, the stainless steel coffee filter as well we the cup (ceramic preferably).
  4. Depending on the amount of coffee you wish to make, we will use a guideline of coffee ground to water ratio of 1 : 17. We recommend using 12 grams of coffee ground which can yield about 205ml of coffee.  Our chemax can take up to a maximum of 24 grams of ground coffee and yield about 410ml of coffee.
  5. Pour the ground coffee into the stainless steel filter and on top of the chemax glass ppot. Place them onto the digital scale and remember to click on "tare" which zero out all the mass. By doing so, you can accurately measure the amount of hot water you have poured. 1 g = 1 ml.
  6. On the first pour, pour about 50 to 60 grams of water so that the coffee ground is soaked totally in hot water. This is known as the blooming stage where the coffee groun reacts with the water and give out carbon dioxide gas. Allow the blooming to take place for about 30 to 40 seconds. Remember to start the timer once you started pouring hot water.
  7. After blooming, you can continue to pour hot water until it reaches 400 to 410 grams of water (if you use 12 grams of coffee ground, then add water up to 210 grams). Take care not to allow the hot water to overflow the filter.
  8. It will be best if you have a swan neck water kettle but if you don't have one, a normal kettle will do as well.
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