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ASK Coffee Roastery Singapore, an extension of the acclaimed Akusukakopi in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, has quickly gained recognition as a destination for coffee enthusiasts in the Lion City. Born out of a shared passion for coffee, ASK Coffee Roastery Singapore opened its doors in late 2022, bringing the spirit and expertise of its Malaysian counterpart to Singapore. This write-up explores the origins, ethos, offerings, and impact of ASK Coffee Roastery Singapore.

Origins and Ethos:

ASK Coffee Roastery Singapore finds its roots in Akusukakopi, a renowned coffee establishment based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Inspired by the success and vision of Akusukakopi, ASK Coffee Roastery Singapore was established in late 2022, aiming to bring the same dedication to quality and love for coffee to the vibrant coffee scene of Singapore.

The ethos of ASK Coffee Roastery Singapore mirrors its Malaysian counterpart, emphasizing passion, craftsmanship, and excellence. The roastery is committed to sourcing the finest coffee beans and employing meticulous roasting techniques to unlock the full potential of each bean. ASK Coffee Roastery Singapore strives to create exceptional coffee experiences, guided by the expertise and dedication of its founders.

Craftsmanship and Offerings:

ASK Coffee Roastery Singapore upholds the tradition of craftsmanship and expertise that has made Akusukakopi a revered name in the coffee industry. The roastery offers a diverse range of coffee options, carefully selected from around the world. From single-origin beans that highlight the unique characteristics of specific regions to expertly crafted blends, ASK Coffee Roastery Singapore caters to a wide range of coffee preferences.

With a team of skilled roasters, ASK Coffee Roastery Singapore employs precise and meticulous roasting techniques to bring out the best flavors in each coffee bean. The result is a selection of coffees that offer delightful and memorable taste experiences, whether enjoyed as espresso, pour-over, or cold brew.

Community Engagement:

ASK Coffee Roastery Singapore understands the importance of building a strong coffee community. Just like its Malaysian counterpart, the roastery engages with coffee enthusiasts through various events and activities. These include cupping sessions, workshops, and gatherings that promote knowledge sharing, foster a sense of community, and celebrate the art of coffee. ASK Coffee Roastery Singapore actively nurtures a supportive and vibrant coffee culture in Singapore.

ASK Coffee Roastery Singapore, an offshoot of the esteemed Akusukakopi in Kuala Lumpur, brings a passion for coffee and a commitment to excellence to the coffee scene in Singapore. With its origins rooted in the success of its Malaysian counterpart, ASK Coffee Roastery Singapore carries forward the tradition of craftsmanship and expertise. Whether you seek an exceptional cup of coffee or a community that shares your love for the brew, ASK Coffee Roastery Singapore invites you to embark on a remarkable coffee journey.

Strong tradition, Stronger Emotion

Be amazed by the thick and creamy crema extracted from our Martella coffee beans

Our Coffee Journey With Caffe Martella Roma

Judging the quality of coffee beans by looking at "100% Arabica" is over simplistic.

Often we make the mistake of giving particular value to a blend only because we see that it is made of “100% Arabica”, ignoring that there are infinite varieties of Arabica, of very different quality, with several degrees of acidity and so on.

On the other hand, the Robusta offers a higher caffeine content, a full-bodied flavour, a chocolate aftertaste and an unrivaled crema. Therefore, it makes no sense to exclude it from the blend.

We love to balance the delicacy and the acidity of the best Arabica with body, crema and intense flavour of the best Robusta.

Martella know how to choose and how to mix

At Caffè Martella we know how to select and to mix the various types of coffee using the right proportion to create a perfect balance. A combination that does not hide, but rather enhances every single component. Our method allows us to treat all the components with artisanal care, patiently respecting the pauses before and after roasting. Providing the time for a progressive degassing that keep all natural aromatic essences intact. Slow and low temperature roasting are the secret to create a better and unique espresso.

What kind of coffee can our coffee beans make?

Our coffee beans can be used to make coffee in anyway that there is in the existing market. Be it V60 pour over, Syphon, Moka pot, French press and of course espresso with espresso machine.

Barista Making Drip Coffee

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On weekends & Public Holidays: 10am to 430pm

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