Multifunctional 54mm Dosing Tools Version  3

Multifunctional 54mm Dosing Tools Version 3

SKU: MultifunctionalDos
For a demonstration on how to use the tools, you can copy this link in your browser.

Version 3 of the coffee tools designed for Breville/Sage 54mm portafilter. 
1) Serve as a dosing funnel that directly clip onto the 3 fins on the portafilter and can stay in the build-in grinder cradle to start/stop the grinder.
2) Serve as a dosing cup just in case you don't want to clip the heavy portafilter on or you prefer not to dose directly into the portafilter. With top and bottom cover, you can dose into the cup chamber and close it on top to shake it to achieve more consistent distribution and break up the clumps.
3) As a tamping station. You can use both the original Breville/Sage 54mm portafilter or the after market bottomless portafilter.

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