Mirus Class Drips x8

Mirus Class Drips x8

SKU: Mirusdrip

This is the drip bag made from our Mirus Class of premium Italian roasted coffee from the famous Caffe Martella Rome.


Intense, aromatic and great tone and depth. Each drip bag contains 12 grams of freshly grounded coffee. And each box contains 8 drip bags. The drip bags are best consumed within 7-10 days when the bags are delivered to you as the coffee ground will only stay fresh for about 14 days after it has been grounded from whole beans to powder.


We only grind the coffee on demand to make sure that our customers can get the freshest coffee possible.

To get the best flavour of coffee from the drip bag, what you will need is a kettle that are able to boil water to at least 95 degree Celsius. The amount of water used is about 190 to 200 ml of water. Just nice for a standard coffee cup.


You can check out how we make our drip bag in the video link below.

How we make coffee with drip bags


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