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Roasting on Demand

With 3 of the brands that we have managed to gathered over the past 1 year (Caffe Martella Roma, Breville and Quick Mill) we have began to think about what other services can we bring to our customers whom have became our friend over the love for coffee?

The answer is simple. That is to bring the best coffee to you. Having Caffe Martella Roma as our anchor for espresso blend, we wanted our customer to enjoy coffee made in other brewing methods.

If you have only tried espresso and milk based drink that based on espresso, let us introduce you to our light to medium roasted on demand coffee that is best suited for pour over coffee such as V60 style or chemax.

We have source the green coffee beans and at the moment, we are proud to bring to you a few single origin arabica beans that we will only roast when you requested for it.

Unlike other roasters, our light to medium roast can be drank the moment the coffee beans have been cooled down after roasting. The aroma will of course developed over a period of 7 to 10 days as the beans de-gas. The intensity of the sweet smelling of the beans can be senses about 3 days after roast. The sweetness will hit you when you open the bag and take a deep breath to smell the beans. And you will think that you are in heaven.

The selections will be as follow:

(not in order of preferences)

1. Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Konga

2. Ethiopia Bambe Diima

3. Kenya Oaklands Peaberry

4. Brazil Caldes Royale

5. Colombia Tablon De Gomez

6. Yunnan Baoshan AA grade

7. Yunna Baoshan Red Wine Series

This doesn't means that the light to medium roast cannot be made for espresso. It can. But do expect the brightness and citrus note as the beans are roasted to bring out the fruitiness and Berry flavour.

We wish to share really good coffee with you, our friends. We strongly encourage you to try our ROD (ROAST ON DEMAND) and have the freshest coffee possible.

If you would like a taste of the light to medium roasted coffee do drop us a message and we welcome you to drop by out place and make you a cup!

And of course if you have not try our espresso blend, please hurry and grab a bag and you will be pampered with the thick crema and intensity of espresso that you have never tastes before.

Yes we are that confident over our Caffe Martella beans for espresso.

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