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Possibly one of the best manual coffee grinder from Saint Anthony Industries

We have managed to work with Saint Anthony Industries USA to bring in their Millwright grinder to Singapore!

This is possibly one of the best manual coffee grinder out there in the market at its price point.

I have so far tested its grind quality and tasting note with 45 clicks on the manual grinder setting with light-medium roasted Guatemala beans and the end result is mind blowing. The full and rounded body and reduced acidity and basically no bitterness at all.

I did an immediate test on my Breville Smart Grinder Pro and the difference in the taste of coffee is world's apart. With the same beans, the Breville SGP produces a tasting note that is very hollow and harsh and edgy. The taste that linger in the mouth is not very full and felt hollow and flat. If I give a scale of 1 being the worst and 10 being the best, the Millwright is able to reach 8 and Breville SGP maybe only 2 or 3. Thats how big the difference is very V60 style drip coffee.

The Millwright is now available in our store and you can get it now at the same price as if you purchase in USA minus the expensive international shipping cost.

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