A new chapter for Speedy3dcreations

Dear all, this is our second blog entry and this is another important milestone for our company.

In February 2020, we have managed to partner Caffe Martella Roma in representing them to bring the good Italian roasted coffee beans to Singapore and the Caffe Martella blend has been very well received by my dear customers in Singapore. Very soon, we will be partnering some local cafe in supplying our coffee beans to be their espresso blend. No one can really beat the Italian when it comes to the espresso coffee blend. And very few can challenge the espresso quality produced by the Caffe Martella Roma beans.

Despite COVID-19 period, our coffee sales and subscription has been increasing steadily.

With good quality coffee beans, you will need good quality espresso machine to partner.

In September 2020, we have managed to partner Breville Singapore to become their reseller of their machine which carries the same local warranty as machines sold in Tangs, Takashimaya and Harvey Norman.

In November 2020, we have managed to partner one of the Italian Espresso Machine maker and to represent the brand in Singapore and hopefully Malaysia as well. The quality of the espresso machine is comparable with that of Rocket and Lelit, if not better in terms of build quality, as the company build every components of the espresso machine in Italy. Not many Italian espresso machines can claim that they are 100% made in Italy.

So we are really excited to bring out company to the next level and we would like to express our appreciation to thank you for supporting us!


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